Affiliate Marketing Simplified!

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CLIQLY Email Marketing System from

Briefly speaking, the CLIQLY email marketing system gives you the keys to building an email list of specific niche-related leads with a button press. Send proven emails to get more opens and clicks to your list. Start to earn revenue while building your list.

CLIQLY, sold by, is the World’s FIRST Wholesale Email Platform. They are consistently earning top marks from the most respected review sites online.

Affiliate Marketing Simplified!

You want this because CLIQLY makes it simple to build an email list of already engaged leads for cents on the dollar. The leads you build your list with have already demonstrated a high interest in your specific niche or industry.  Plus, you can lower your cost per lead by generating a guaranteed Cost Per Click while building your list. After your list is created, you can send prewritten and tested emails that contain links to your desired offers.

At the end of the day, if you can follow the simple process and push a few buttons, you can make money while building an engaged list faster than ever seemed possible.

What makes this email marketing system special as opposed to others (even the free ones) is the IPs.  CLIQLY is constantly adding and rotating warmed IPs in the system.  By continually doing this practice, the email delivery rate (even to Gmail accounts) is better than all other platforms.

What excellent this email marketing system does that most people don’t realize is that they have its own Click Commission platform built inside the system. You will have access to a guaranteed $0.10 Cost Per Click offer to mail your list, plus exclusive Cost Per Action offers only for CLIQLY members.

By the way, I will tell you that this is NOT for email marketing pros with an enormous list of hot buyers for their products or people who are already getting leads from Facebook for less than $0.50 per lead.

This is for anyone, especially affiliate marketers, who want to build an engaged list quickly and sell offers to interested leads daily.

The feature I like most about this email marketing system is the ability to follow a proven process to build your list and make money while doing it. This lets me lower my cost per lead even more.

I want to point out that you can’t transfer your lists to email software like GetResponse or Aweber directly. Most email software will not allow you to upload your lists to keep the integrity of their system for all other users.

That’s not a big deal because you can send your traffic to links to your opt-in pages that will add leads to GetResponse or Aweber. Plus, as a CLIQLY member, you can directly upload your lists to other partnered email platforms to send more emails daily.

I have used it to build a massive list of subscribers to send to different affiliate offers. I can quickly test which offers to convert or not from various platforms like ClickBank, JVZoo, etc. I can quickly test my offers to see if the market wants them before I scale my business.

The great news is that it is surprisingly affordable, especially considering how many features it offers. You are just paying the cheapest cost per send in the market.

But comparing the cost of this email marketing system to other email platforms like Sendgrid or Mailgun charge you 4 – 7 times more without all the benefits and features CLIQLY offers.  It’s definitely worth the price.

Jump on this email marketing system now if you want to save time and money building an engaged list of leads, mailing them daily, and quickly generating revenue regularly.

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